Doomsday Breach (Only Crime)

Why destroy every sacred sign Breathe smoke swallow tainted water We rise trample the earth with heavy awkward feet And nothing happens fast enough for the men of the industry Small minds ignore the dangers Trust ourselves with imperfect strangers Like rats as we scurry up the sails Weak winds seem to suck up softly And loose lips sink a fleet of longing The price lies too hollow in our way Cut loose from the bondage of consent Lay fire to the hills and drag cold fatal nets And I'm alone with the countless morals and contempt And on the distant canvas the grass seems greener On some imagined other side We take our turn One by one just let it burn Our sins we'll have to pay Endgame when we throw it all away With short sight See it all fall down Fade to righteous We're lying to ourselves Still believe it all We watch the systems fall Watch them fall