Just Us (Only Crime)

There's still a million things I wish I'd never said And I know that it's never sacred But the fear the shadowed yesterday still haunts me to the core And I wish I'd had the state of mind to brace for so much more But that's just me God help me strip away what's come between the two of us And maybe we can stay friends forever Because you know me inside out And it breaks my heart to pass without a word After all this time I'm the one who stood beside you on your wedding day I don't think I've ever been so proud But I allowed myself to slip away and the air became unkind And now even though we've made our peace We still can't make the time And that's just us Grown tired of building fences So sick of silent walls When I feel just like a traitor to it all I hope you hear it someday I'll be a better friend Because I want you there in the end Too high a price to pay Without a thing to say I know I'm better by your side Than I'll ever be alone Without a thing to say