On Time (Only Crime)

Climbing on another one Racing for the higher ground We separate all the civil serenades Into hollow sounds And I’m yours I’m waiting just behind your eyes Weighed down a heavy heart And a mind grown cold with lies On time Just when you get it You brace yourself against the furthest fall You’ll never get it Just like the rest of the starving millions Find out on your own The luck ones are the dead and dying No tears or wasted lines When it all wears through A sick cell I’m not well I feel things that I’ll never tell Keep slipping further from a space just south of sane And you can see my skin crawl While your face grows white I’ll destroy your world in a day I’m gonna make your fuckers pay It’s all All I’ve said and all I’ve forced To pick you up to fix it all We set aside our selfish goals Thick as blood we lose control Inside ourselves absolve all sin The bravest shade surround and win The wounds are dressed and it’s said and done No other side it’s over Trying breathing Still we suffer all the same We are bleeding Only emptiness remains