Take Me (Only Crime)

Right now like a step outside My heart beats genocide Tearing out all the crippled walls Drawing fire from the mortal flaws To take it in on the chin, don't want to face it We generate our debate to try to place it Fear the eyes of the blind and the fallen We cauterize as the dream comes crashing down And like a poison will coerce you To the very brink of salient pathologies Your own disease And with the whole wide world against you Is it any wonder that it brings you to your knees? Make war on the fractured climes Where the infirmed all run on time I've cried for much less than you And taken all your pain Just like a lie you want to throw in the fire That's how it feels to be exposed as a liar You fall in line when there's nothing real It takes hold of everything you feel Your fear surrounds my soul Your fear creates my light Your words are not my life No time to get it right Your words are not my life No time, gotta live but there's no Time will take me down, it breaks me Drowning in civility and losses justified Words like tokens, eyes wide open Staring down the epitaphs of virtue long denied