The Well (Only Crime)

I see your eyes and the cause and effect Who takes the blame and the disrespect we Strip away the goals we're forever reaching Another page from a shattered book I want to die when I see that look I still Remember when we had something relevant to say And we all drink from the well of might have been Where the bitter taste of yesterday keeping coming around again So I'll see you later down the line The possible the cup's half full We seize the moments here in time No tears for the things I've missed I don't align with the pessimistic few If we could turn it back could we help but falter I'm listening to Funeral Just one more time is all I need You can't regret the past any more than you can wish it all away And I'm no different Got no monopoly On assimilation Of another casualty Just like me And I don't understand There's no sense inside Obsessed with ourselves We fall short and subside