There's A Moment (Only Crime)

High life as the urban screams Chill the air of all the in betweens There's fear pasted on the fading walls Nobody cares once the surfeit calls this time And desire pays Never measured out in days Blood slips between my dreams This mortal stain Out there the winds blow cold Down lies that we've been trading on I find myself some static room To ride out what we've made We'll never save Just keep it all inside We struggle down for nothing less And it feels like trains within our souls Feral eyes I can hardly see As I pass I feel them watching me And how soon the fear will fly Feel their fetid breath as I pass by Catch your breath where the city dies Miles past all the tepid lives We must resign ourselves to all we've been The tragedies from now to then Cause of fortune there's a moment Stand or fall it's a crime in progress Dissolution, no pretension Celebrate our sick inventions now