To The Nines (Only Crime)

Once upon a time I believed I could change the world but I was wrong Finding solace in the vitriol and the anti-social context for so long Cursed to keep gazing backward And never never look ahead A pitchfork of a destination Submerged in a sea of red These nightmares never go away Still bound by chains of self decay To simply saturate and bleed Out the seeds of a new address We're charged with the destruction of those static molds We choose to build a union from the old I feel my heart grow cold To my surprise I fatalize And fail to soil the merchandise We've swept away all the faintest hooks From the grasp of tomorrows fold Outside your windows down your lonely broken streets Cross the paths with the sterile minions of anachronistic beats So cleanse my mind of discontent Declare all the lines as heaven sent Weeding out the sickness I can feel Tell me all night how it can't be real Spend all night caring only for the words Blame it on the new kids chewing on their nerves Forget about the piss drunks putting out the fires Sucking on the nacro sending out the wires Some thing I won't forget Cry - it's over Die - it's over Flames reach out and lick my face I'm falling some days are grace Cry out steal signs Burning they take it to the nines