Too Loose (Only Crime)

Too many lies when I was seventeen And now I'm keeping up time with you Short sounds of apocalypse And my world's torn out of view It's always the same They want to lock you down inside They won't let you try I realize it's all the same when the lights dim down to pray Through the eyes we paralyze but the world won't stop today Did you rise for someone else? Were you afraid to be yourself? We've waited all our lives for the chance to come undone We spit asides and we ruminate About the false sense of it all Life's short and the spirit falters All the weak will do is crawl In broken time To conclusions we've assigned We sacrifice and burn To steal convention all away We try to paint the future Somehow we sterilize today With an audience complicit We change the lies to gold In our septic disaffection Still function as we're told As we're told