Crackerjack Heart (Cory Branan)

It's the way you always did those little things That set me up and tore me down When you raised hell in the Burger King 'cause they stopped making those Cardboard crowns It's the way you look in these photographs I can't bring myself to throw away You're still a rush of color on the tilt-o-whirl It's just the background that's turning gray Something i needed in that shot Something i need Girl i miss your crackerjack heart And the fake tattoos that say 'Forever Yours' I could tear this town apart Looking for a toy, but that's not the point When all i'm after is a simple surprise It's the way you taste like a storm Rolling in across the bed The way you answer me with those eyes Speaking volumes about things unsaid The way your dumbest joke finds a laugh That's been welling in my darkest place Ever since i was an atom or a star Smiling like i had a face Just waiting for that stupid joke Waiting for you The way you walk out of a room And leave me wonderin' what i'm doing there In the same way just one Northern-bound train Turned this whole damn town into nowhere I'm a bit shy of lonesome Far cry from you