Troublesome Girl (Cory Branan)

Where o' where is that troublesome girl The sun is busted up wide Supposed to roll on at the breakin' of dawn Can't leave without her by my side By the vending machine talking to a marine Someone saw her crawl into his van How the same blood can run from so cold to so hot Swear to god i'll never understand Never would have supposed that your sweet yellow rose Could've up and wilted so soon Good-bye Abilene i leave my everything To the care of the West Texas moon Where o' where is that troublesome girl For the clouds come rolling up strong And the last dying sigh of that muscadine sky Whispers just what i've known all along Who do i see off of East 93 With her thumb stuck out in my lane But that girl of mine and the flicker and shine Of her lit cigarette in the rain Now i had a choice but there weren't really no choice I could see she done spent her last dime I pulled back on the highway she slid over my way Sayin' things would be different this time On a much safer road when i lightened my load She made the saddest face i'd ever seen But i never felt bad 'cause i done give her all i had Plus some change for the vending machine Where o' where is that beautiful girl That i once held in my dreams Brother i'm telling you if it seems too good to be true It's probably just what it seems But sometimes i still think of that troublesome girl 'cause her memory stuck like a chiv As these days roll past with no final 'at last' I find there's little that i can't forgive So where o' where is that troublesome girl For the sun is busted up wide And i'm pressing on at the breaking of dawn Wishing she was still here by my side