Can I (J Mascis)

Again I'm lonely lonely lonely all the time Can I feel the way but there's no peace to find Can the way it looks, be all it really means? Can you take a step towards something we can build? Can I go back? Can I go instead in some place we can hide? Can I go to sleep? Is there a dream where I could find out what's inside? Lots of time spent in places we can't go 'Cause you walked with me still I don't really know If it's time to waste then time something to do But it's all been wasted not thinking of you Or can I be the time? Can I free the one who always knows a sign? Can I work it through? Can I tippy-toe the way I wanna do? I've been lost and lonely, still I made it through If I lose again then there's nothing to do If to pardon me. you mean. you wait and see 'Cause the waiting is what brings me to my knees Can I be a part? Tell me where to start and where to go away If I had the home Is it everything you need to make you stay?