Very Nervous And Love (J Mascis)

Tell me why you broke Tell me 'cause I'm nervous and love I've been thinking less I've been thinking out loud, to prayers Tell me where we are Tell me 'cause we never get far And I've tried my only hand And I've tried to keep it simple You just couldn't understand I've been holding back I've been holding pieces entrapped I don't know what's wrong I don't know my reasons So long Hope has left me here Hope has left me wonderin' And I feel And I'm s'pposed to be so free And the darkness pulls me over Why did it have to be me? I can't speak my mind I can't even speak I'm fine Tell me why'd you go Tell me 'cause I'm nervous Take it slow I don't see you wait I don't see you coming It's a dream And it's falling off of it Thought I'd never have to face it Something hard is here instead