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Where Are You (J Mascis)

Can I go to the place where you are Wishing that we might have saw this star At least I know there's a place I can find you I've gone over it so many times Mass confusion in my heart and my mind Can't really tell you 'cause I got no mouth to 'Cause I'm running to where you are I can't tell no one And I can't run that far 'Cause I'm running and it's a shame If I could I would But I can't take the blame Can I run through the time like we said Picking bits after years in my head Got the logic in place but it's twisted I've had the time to make it all fit But the question is how do you quit Something I'm having a hard time resisting 'Cause I'm running And it's a shame 'Cause I felt it long before I knew your name And I'm feeling insecure Gotta find a way to get there I'm not sure Drop in some hints Then I look to my friends Who's gonna take you When you just pretend Everything stirred in my brain, in and out I got more than enough, how 'bout you? What are you seriously looking to do? Is there a way for this to turn out alright? 'Cause I'm running I think I'm lost Weighing out the feelings Looking at the cost And I'm feeling And you are too So how will we know what we're suppose to do?