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Me Died Blue (Delopoulos Steven)

It was not long, not long ago When I was fast, and you were slow But times, they change for me and you You kept your pace but me died blue Oh, the seasons change, you know they will You'll get your gold, you'll take your spill This living hell could be so sad And through it all, I think we know Living in fear will drive you mad Living in fear will drive you mad So close your eyes, your weary head Stop all the pain, it's time for bed, oh The ancient road you thought was new It's all we have to make it through Oh, it was an angel in disguise So, walk on straight and shut your eyes You shine those toys to reach the fad But let's move on because we know, oh Living in fear will drive you mad Living in fear will drive you mad When snow arrives, it leaves me cold I can't go on like this you know I can't go When the hot sun hurts me, I have to leave This world of me, you know I grieve You know I Sister, don't leave me hanging Bring me to sing The songs we knew when me died blue When me died blue When you died too La-la-la-li... Oh, move them feet and shed that old I could almost see you trying I been picking up speed and eating that bread You could almost smell me dying I'm moving on and shedding skin Through golden cloves aligning I'll be flying, flying I'll be flying... Mama, I'll be flying La-la-la-li... The silent moon can warm a soul It leaves you stuck with no control But that just when old things turn new So let's move on and all die blue... So let's move on and all fly ... So let's move on and all die... So let's move on and all die blue