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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Runaway Train (Delopoulos Steven)

I was riding on a runaway train She was flying like a seagull Caught wind and shadow, and I called out for her name The rock, the bird, the steeple She was looking for a Saturday dance I was hoping not to mumble Just then she took me, and she kissed me in a stance Guess we're headed for a tumble Whoa... We're gonna turn the page She was looking for a circular event We were aware of the spiral And paranoia made us social as cement We faded in colors and styles A cup of tea for the Mrs. Little Man Me, I'll have me a whiskey You should have seen us when we very first met The gun, the hat, the risky Whoa... Looking back I think she took me for a ride I thought that I was jiving on the water Walking side by side But every drama dreamer never really drowns and dies 'Cause drama dreamers tumble, but we fade And then we fly high The rock, the bird, the steeple The rock, the bird, the steeple Whoa...