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She Held My Hand (Delopoulos Steven)

Made a deal with the devil Said he’d make me famous Said he’d make me rich enough to buy my way to heaven Sirens in my head, spiders on the ceiling He was battered on the floor and left for dead Danger on the tv The sky fell on his head I met her at a show Her hand slipped through her hair She listened to my story, said I’ve heard all about you It seems she was sincere But the conversation fled He spoke through the prophets Crucified for our salvation He suffered and was buried And on the third day He rose born again She held my hand Wrinkles are for thinking Old and weak, I’ve become This saint became a poet But that poet wants to fly So show me the kingdom where the angels come undone As they marched into that rainbow river sky Heal the wounded singer Now he’s on his way They were dancing to the music In the shadow of the season We tangoed through this sacrifice We climbed the virgin hills Walked straight up to the sunrise And we never had a reason We released the blood upon the peasant land She held my hand Disappear in glory, disappear the violence Disappear that deal I made, return it to its silence