My Side Of The Story (June)

Keep excuses to yourself. I'll come from the back door and catch you off guard. Did you really think you were all by yourself? I'll catch you off guard. Sit down somewhere in your room. Will I get you? Will I get you? Will you still send all your letters when I'm not home? Will you still write them? I am the reason you're always complaining. This is my side of the story, but she already knows it, And I already know what I've been missing. All your well kept secrets you kept to yourself. I don't want to hear them. Where is your argument? "You can't hate me for this." I'll keep you right where I want you. She said, "Stop running your mouth off" No, no, no, you won't regret, because I'm just your selfish little catch. I'll sit in your apartment as I bide my time. You won't have to think about me now. So just start to tune me out. It will make you think you're all alone.