Loca (Arsenium)

Ref.: Every night i need mi loca Every night i need her boca Every night i need mi loco Need him crazy just un poco Hey, Loca, give me, give me your boca You're my girl you're my loca you're breaking my heart Hey, loco, please, espera un poco And I´ll give you my choco Do you want it or not? 1.Every time i see mi loca I feel i go crazy un poco She's so sexy, she's so hot Every night she's breaking my heart Every time i see mi loco I realize he's crazy un poco And we keep on dancing all night long With my boy i never feel alone Ref.: 2.If i wanna taste her love tonight Need to kiss her boca one more time I can fly away and reach the stars Every time i drown into her eyes If i wanna taste his love tonight I just have to hold mi loco tight I can fly away and reach the stars Every time he looks into my eyes Ref.: She's a little bit loco A little bit coco A little bit soul yo A little bit small yo A little Latino A lilttle Europio A little bit choco Exotic Marocco She's a good girl She's a little mean Nice body from the covers Of a magazine Eyes like deep green Lips like angeline The most beautiful girl That you ever seen Ref.: