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Airplane (Pizzicato Five)

talking like a kid walking like a kid biting your nails like a kid being selfish like a kid favorite foods like a kid eating like a kid being fussy like a kid becoming whimsical like a kid with a sulky face you're so quiet then talking away it seems endless you're the type who'd be happy being told you're like holden caulfield or something loving tv like a kid loving games like a kid telling lies like a kid suddenly crying like a kid that's fine as it is somehow everyday making a living doing what you like appearing on tv appearing in magazines releasing records becoming famous If you can make living on playing that's fine as it is If you make it to the airplane, that's fine as it is that's fine as it is putting on kids clothes needing attention like a kid wasting money like a kid loving to break things like a kid always being pampered by someone always loving to play loud with someone pushing the accelerator and speeding up making a mess of your hotel room that's fine as it is, somehow everyday you make a living walking a tightrope appearing on tv, appearing in magazines becoming rich being in scandals If you can make a living by playing, that's fine as it is If you show up to the party, that's fine as it is If you're paying taxes, that's fine as is If you make it to the airplane, that's fine as is that's fine as is