Strollin' (Champion Jack Dupree)

Strollin' 4:31 Trk 1 Champion Jack Dupree (Jack Dupree) Jack Dupree - vocal & piano W/Wendell Marshall - bass Poss. Willie Jones - percussion 'footsteps' Album: 'Blues From The Gutter' (Verses are spoken with Walking sound background effects throughout) Man, slow down, don't walk so fast All ya got to do is take your time We'll get there Stay in the road I don't blame the people For 'em sayin, 'Walkin the blues' Walkin' the blues? 'Cause this is it, boy Now, I think I'm 'on relax myself That's the way you relax Now, watch this (piano) Boy, it's a hot day All ya got to do Is put one foot in front the other one And just keep on walkin' Walkin' them blues (piano) That's what you call slidin' em, too I hope the old lady's home When I get there, all this walking Ah, when I say, the 'old lady' I mean my wife I ain't talkin' about my mother-in-law But I know she's always there So, we just gonna keep on walkin' it in (piano & bass) We'll soon be there (piano & bass to end fade) ~