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Stick It Up (Slaves on Dope)

I Cannot Desribe Everything That's Passed My Eyes Still I Criticize And Try To Act Wise When I'm With You All My Dreams Come True You Got Sent To Me In A Box Of Negativity You're The Reason I'm Here Today And I Can Safely Say I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way Don't You Lie To Me You Coke Sniffing Slut I Know You Hate My Guts Come On, Come On Stick It Up Come On, Come On Go When I Rode Your Plane You Were The Match For My Flame Drove Me Insane With Your Fucking Silly Head Games You Were Nice To Me 'Til The Morning Stuck That Knife In My Back Without A Warning You Look Around And You Re-Create, I Said My Shit And I Said It Straight I Stayed The Furthest I Could From You Because You Were Fucked Up Class A Certified Nut Now You Come To Me And Say It's In The Past Kiss My Ass Come On, Come On Stick It Up Come On, Come On Go I'm Back, Don't You Know You Can't Kill Me I Come Back With The Flattest Flow Before You Cry Don't Ask To Die And Don't Ask Me Why STICK IT UP