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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Thanks For Nothing (Slaves on Dope)

It's So Very Nice To Meet You I'm A Big Fan Of Your Band's Album Do You Think We Could Meet And Go For Coffee So I Can Tell You All About My Plans For Stardom? By The Way, How Did You Get Here? And Tell Me Every Single Step You Took While Coming Up I'm Sure I'll Follow Them As Long As I Can Still Be The Person Who Still Has Both Feet On The Ground Your Band Is So Bad So Thanks For Nothing Fuck You, Fucker, Fall I Hate You I Could Give You A Map Point To Where You Need To Go Tell You What To Avoid And Who's The Best For You To Know Even If I Spelled It Out You Still Would'nt Say It right They'll Back You Up And Knock You Down Get Up For The Next Fight They're Coming For A Piece Of Your Heart Stick It In Their Face So They Can't Even Start I Could Never Turn My Back On You Cause I've Been In Your Shoes You're The First To Say I Became A Dick But You Know That's Not True