Herb Shuttles (The Underachievers)

One mic, in the mothafuckin' studio Spit gold, when a nigga hit this flow You sink, we float, no heathens on my boat Sour diesel when I hit good smoke Guided by the light, nigga keep your dark Third eye sharp like a mothafuckin' hawk Heart stay mellow like a fuckin' meadowlark Better play smart before you get eatin' by sharks, nigga Enter the game, know what's up Little bit of fame, little bit of drugs Shawty see the chain, same night in her guts We don't play, UA that's us Smoking sensi, high sensei in your membrane Men slay everyday, for the means of justice, trust it Be the reason why I say "Fuck this, Fuck This" Elevate my mind, I'mma push it Ok, I'm smoking up on my herb shuttles Elevated, nigga that's the motto Floating up, a nigga live full throttle That pink moscato, she drink the bottle Knowledge nigga, crown the kings Got the wisdom from the light like Socrates You ain't about that life, nigga drop to your knees In the presence of mothafuckin' legend my G G, I'm a legend my G Reefer blowin', sour diesel potent Got my 3 eyes open, Pineal gland is swollen Astral Planes I'm floatin', Goddammit, I'm free I be GOD, please you are not in my league Got the spirit of asata honor I be gavel free Battle scars in my bars red star I'm elite UA, elevate, feel the mark of the beast Herb shuttles, I'm gettin' high In the solar, nigga fuck the skies Beast Coast, we on the rise We resurrected from out your mind Nigga, from out your mind Mothafuckas think they good cause they livin' lies Oh, you livin' lies? But we killin' these niggas, we ain't even trying Bow down to the pharaoh Only got time for that good shit and my cashflow UA niggas save souls Mix the dream with the mothafuckin' hash so it burn slow Kick back counting pesos Do my mind a little different so my mothafuckin' brain grow Two L's when I take off You ain't about that life, get your mind up, times up Elevate, you lil' niggas hella fake I'm on my shit like toilets UA gang banging shit like chip throwing tantrums Mothafuckas can't hang with us Enlighten like thunder and rain Fuck America, New World freedom reign Enlighten like thunder and rain Fuck America.. This that indigo anthem Fly like passports, no randoms Searchin' for that purpose, merge with A little bit of piece of mind on this earth, bitch Earth shift of a kind, esoteric tattoos Mad jewels, cash rules, nothing to the blind I'm on another plateau, camels get the cash ghost How I rose, Derrick in his prime Climb to the top of a mountain, top of your dreams, chop-chop Then you find a fountain of gleam, fear not You don't need a pocket of green Just the gold in your heart and your eyes, Supreme King Like J's, beat game and receive ring Metaphor for the lord, and I'mma deploy Trap jaws on the holy Cross Lights stream nigga all aboard, the world's yours So I puff the herb to levitate Living my life, a God I got faith Y'all nigga faker than making your own bait Flatbush, Beast Coast nigga, all day All about peace and love, of course knowledge Spreadin' they own peace, they lovin' it cause I'm God sent Ever since a kid, I was never one to gossip So watch how you talkin' when you talkin' to them prophets, nigga