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Chrysalis (The Underachievers)

Kick back nigga, relax and pack dabs I'm a young lord hitter, that's word to A$AP Like a 2Pac spitter, them cannot romp with us Only go strapped in her she can't bear my children Tip top denim I'm known to be a menace Fly blue-drop tinted, rolling up my spinach In my new zone spinning Elevating niggas by painting lyric pictures The ring you gon kiss it The holy ones did this I handle they business Young buck nigga can't say that I ain't sinnin' But I clean my chakras and repent for all my sinning I'm my own master the verdict my decision Zombie gang, we from the astral land We set the grandiose plan so they could treasure that From the Egypt sands down to the Brooklyn lands The light is with me man, I'm filled with melanin Mind full of theories, I see beyond reality Grind to the ceiling, I squeeze, gone top a lot of cheese Timeless repetition, them lies in pages visit Surprised we are the victim, society's secret mission But ain't no, motherfucking way I'll let them take my soul nor abduct my brain As I blow my smoke and continue my reign Cause that royal blue blood in my veins, I'm a king Indigo, yeah my soul be foreign My flows be scorchin', c-caution Often I stun like Austin, no flossin' My words are like a complex maze you get lost in Trey offed them, the god off the flawless karma They thought I was in the dark, but now they honor Pay offers when I'm in concert, pray for your daughter I told her, I'm a monster she got slaughtered Krishna, Christ, Issa, paid the price Invading heads like lice, when I grip the mic Dreams of Jackson Mike, making music right Keep me in the light, and unify my sight Flows so flush, they going down the drain Magician with the pen, I move to enemies Prince need medicine to keep me 'head of them That potent sediment, they knock don't let 'em in People hear this shit they thinking that it's sadistic But the music save the masses be saving us from disaster in the 60s with the peace Organizations and black panthers now they bump my music over the seas lyrical pastor You tryna ride with these fucks Pile your bodies back off they trunk Got your mind twisted and fucked I ain't just rhyming nigga keep up Better know your worth, stay puffing on bomb herb Keep my vision clear view while lurking upon earth Gold souls can't lose, them critics they won't work I'm enlightened like Zeus, putting titans up in the dirt So if I don't like you, I ain't writin' it in a verse Just hearse result, so don't get involved, you might miss tomorrow Feeling invincible, living within the heart, I can feel sin depart UA bringing change to our kin with art, pardon our flows so godly I can swim with sharks Started this shit in the lobby now I'm up in the stars What are the odds? Have a dream then create it, you god I don't fuck with none of these rappers, fallacies can't compare to me drift through fantasies Don't be mad at me cause you can't compete, drop your weapon g, join the cavalry Sarge Ayu, leading the platoon through the rain water proof Guarded like Zeus that's a god my nigga Pulling up on the sinners On the rise; skyscraper, multiply like children High rise nigga, in the projects with killers But the cops not really with the drama my nigga Prize, I'm a winner cause I rise out the winters Ticking time-bomb but I keep it calm when I'm in her Got an elevated posse, the holy sour done got me Students for the army, good music that fill they bodies May the oath stay true, with the Buddha right beside me Ignited poet I got it inside of my soul shinin' Came up from the gutter, the timer was synchronized With the human evolution, we messagers of our time They intrudin' our medulla with foolish illusive lies In this revolution of weapons, we using minds