Leaving Scraps (The Underachievers)

I put on now we coming up Stay rollin' up on that good stuff She poppin' beans and I'm off the lean I'm about to take her back to my hood spot Don't disrespect my new order White magic will get him no problem My generation needs solvin' Bout' to take em' up we evolving Beastcoast nigga your chick already know Pulled up on her outside my show I was like hop in she just say no more "You the motherfuckin' nigga with the new god flow" Might take a bit, elevate her shit Now she looking at you niggas like you Fake and shit Put her faith inside the god tell her make a wish She said "Damn Issa you my favorite" You know I rep indigo Way of power came from the flow Give em' a taste These niggas want more Fuck the rap game, we kickin' in the door And I'm like Gimme' that takin' everything I'm only leaving scraps x2 Straight off the flight, like where the weed at? Smoke so loud shorty giving me feedback Turn up with the crowd Young lord so they bow, to the floor, when the gods round' Rooted at the compound, plottin' on a million So they can't stop now, tick tock your times out Elevate your lifestyle amigo We deaf to the ego, only stress for the Evo We next nigga, Beastcoast Groupies lookin at me like she seen a ghost Livin' legend in your presence So receive the growth Spreadin' treasures every sentence So a verse is like a blessing Try to show the adolescents that the world is yours Motherfuckers better maintain When this new shit drop we finna' game change Cop a new ziplock of that flame strain Now I'm meditating at the top of the game mane' [Hook]