Melody of the Free (The Underachievers)

You niggas couldn't fuck with me Even on a bad trip of acid or psilocybin Some hashish could get disastrous, but foe or no-foe Don't lose your soul indigo [?] There's loopholes on the globe if you gold then they shown (Uh) A storm's has been predicted on your forecast Rebirth the energy of earth when his tongue snaps This is my turf, verse leave them with a swamp sack Come to combat, I'm Rambo or Bojack With a bat crack, your whole frame dissemble that Always peace and love but know them thugs remember, uh Tripping on them drugs when no one was Like fuck a buzz I'm in the astral of these capsules With cash flow Like the last toke, I'm most appreciated Most high, abbreviated I'm god, a G [?] five weeks, but still collide G's like Siamese So tell mom please to just fulfill my needs Got a mamma back at home the only women I need Hoping that her son prosper so she finally free In interviews they say I'm awkward But my flow gon' break the thermometer So go ahead nigga monitor Cause that's where Ima be at Breeze past all the chit chat and look back Pockets is fatter But that shit don't even matter I'm trying to climb up this ladder Enlighten all of the masses Detach, living life backwards So get your ass off that mattress My task uplift the atlas Fueled by prophecy and burning the best trees I raise myself up nigga and my parents just help me Now I'm a major threat to all these veteran MCs Whose using two eyes nigga, but i told you I grip three But use one In this game of life you need the rules son Respect queen karma You wondering, why you losing 23 years old and I'm teaching a million students And who would've thought to do it I be murderous at this music Point I'm proving Walking in a line you looking fucking stupid She's the Shepard, yeah you free But they watching all of your movements Say you got a brain inside of your skull Let me see you prove it Niggas thought they had a grip on the game Till we tamed and swooped it Issa Gold the prophet nigga bearing gold of soul Holy flow got me rapping with AK across the globe Killing shows [?] pockets, nigga thats [?] making flow Seeing nigga got all the ducks in a row Came through with the prophet topic Triple [?] peep the options Take my time before I drop it So a nigga reap the prophets I'm a prophet i told ya'll But some of these niggas think I hate god, compare him to Adolf But I ain't no retard Oops, I dropped the 'R' bomb They saying I'm more smart These niggas living way off Talking about dreams but they don't start Lyrical Mozart My angels playing gold harps They aiming at your Danes heart And hope that we will make art