My Prism (The Underachievers)

I represent for the elevated clan Yeah, you know the guys get piff, mad strands Pop another tab nigga live life grand I'm an ever living God , nigga fuck a man Uh, my nigga fuck 'em man When your soul glow gold like my Egypt fam My livin soul don't age like I'm Peter Pan Oh, you're a Jesus Christ fan? I'm the sequel man See, you've got a piece of God trapped in your soul It's goes deeper than a muthafuckin' human though Christ Conscience shit, living optimal All the religious bullshit, it's got go Because these niggas can't read their Bible codes They preach lies to the masses, fill 'em up with hope Takin' lunches from you niggas if your pockets broke Now the preacher in the Church fuckin' lot's of hoes But not my mama though Cuz if I find that out, I'mma cock the hose And turn the muthafuckin' preacher nigga back to ghost Now like the Christian religion, he's filled with holes Nah But I don't kill though, trynna see if niggas got sense you know Fuck the Church and go blow your smoke The new religion is here nigga named Beast Coast Yeah, we're called Beast Coast, but fuck the U.S.A We turn to the globe The world inside my hand like a metaphor, poem Oh, you see the light, it's best I keep going I came from the great beyond From out the light I spawned I ain't a homosapien I’m from the elevated patriarch Two red eyes, one glowin' gold Soul radiate blue Indigo Purple trees like fairy hoes Yellow sunlight radiate my soul My prism, my prism Light shine through when I'm livin' Soul different, no wishin' Motherfuckers know 'cuz I live it Orange fire, brown blunts And the ultraviolet rays beam off the sun Touch your dead grey soul, fill it up with love If you open up your heart and unite as one My prism, my prism Light shine through when I'm livin' Soul different, no wishin' Motherfuckers know 'cuz I live it Know how it feel to wake up fucked up? Pricless, hella kush stuffed in a dutch Reunited with the most highest, righteous Got a pot of gold in my soul, leave 'em blinded That and the power retrieved from the light Birdman, Clark Kent, superhero on the mic I exhale the purp trails You're girl follows, and never fails, the pimp tales Uh Timeless like the mind is fella Closed eyelids, that's the eyes umbrella Look into yourself 'cuz nobody gon' tell ya You can't buy joy 'cuz they just don't sell it, sell it Said it two times for your money Used my three eyes just to demise other villains Pop, pop, pop, third eyes fuckin' shredder Little lock, give me props, cause I coulda been a villain But I, stay golden, piff I rolled it Ya'll can't hold it, rhyme with the words spit Conscience, keep time with some Earth wind Vietnam nigga, drop bombs on your loose lip Holy ghost, I'm back in the flesh Resurrected, like I never left, architect Imhotep Yes I'm blessed Steal your bitch, cuz a nigga up next Use that power up inside ya Divinely create desires, just try it I bet you'll notice the God within, can't deny it, huh? We're some young Messiah's, we triumph Nigga, fuck religion Found a better way of livin' when the light shines through my prism nigga [Hook]