Philanthropist (The Underachievers)

First thing’s first, let me lay it down Young indigo nigga here to take the crown So you can wait around if you like to Spiteful, heart full of hate, no ace to get high to Thou can’t relate to I, the most highful Cause I rule What I do, roll down my …step, it could be vital You ain’t on the rise, advised, don’t be a rivals And light effects lift, they just lift Bitch I’m my pole till I lick Every single drift, it’s a kid Men obtaining gold just by thinking it, think a bit Now I want the globe not some hitless shit Bringing it back, that real rap Fuck being rich, cause knowledge is power That real wealth, beneath your skin Now buckle the shelf I taught myself just how to live Them go so rebels, feel them devils from your prison can Elevating niggas up, up, on the rise now Put it down, stripes and fall like a python Got it but I like, but it’s something like … Fall through like flash ups, fall through like flash up Skinny nigga but you know I stay flexin Silly niggas can’t get that message Pray to the god but I count your blessings 2 young souls motivated from the pain Tryina save the world, motherfuck your fame Flow hittin hard like a spliff of cocaine Dropped a little acid brain clean no stains Wither from my ports, blow out no effort Love is on my heart, shawty feel that assets You ain’t eating nigga, I rep it Knowledge of a everything, get that message Better get that message, take a trick On some psychadelic shit, mind bracing to the mystic Round the … of gods in your presence Breaking down barriers, let the love carry us Roll up the day, elevate, now they cant’ reach us Fool what you think, lyrics holy like exodus He’s next to us, never settle for presence bra You ain’t ree up, watching bar like tarantula Heard I strap, puffin herb hot, and it’s really killing nigga With the lyrics yeah I do what I got, a pot of sour on the hour Super strong metaphor for that inner power Just saying you niggas can’t tell me shit Every motherfucking day I get stronger kid Don’t get your armor split That bitch karma come if you a master art Your shit, better guard your chick I’m a new crys savior, me I’m from the matrix Stone hard nigga can’t fuck with no lame shit High off sights yeah nigga they tainin Fiending in a dream now a nigga gonna chase it Beast coast nigga that’s what I rep 3rd eye gang nigga to the fucking death Wash your nigga off the earth disrespect the set Will my inner go up, better represent You lame nigga, here to save souls 3 eye niggas and we glow in the globe You lame nigga, here to save souls 3 eye niggas and we glow in the globe You lame nigga, here to save souls 3 eye niggas and we glow in the globe You lame nigga, here to save souls 3 eye niggas and we glow in the globe Said this shit 4 times and a nigga right now Been back on the map new new york oh shit And a potion, when a nigga drop dope hits Bound to these niggas that the motherfucking… I drop nigga blame it on the motherfucking piff Pray my soul ain’t sinnin In the gold on the rise we winning 3 eyes so I feel a little different You ain’t what the game been missing