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A Serpentine Crave (Bishop Of Hexen)

(In) the midst of a pit where deaths-heart, beat At the far most point Where several world meet In the mist, erupts passion Where motion sets remorse Energy flows in a shapeless course And sorrow-forged in fire The seeds of storm Burst and grow to become a swarm To hammer out your dreams With a dreadful coating All is but a prison when the heart is confined All is but death when deprived of pride My thirst arose, and now loose, I begin the search for glory When awhim become a will and paves the way to power When in famine The hour always comes late when fulfilling a burning desire When touching the core and the heart of the pyre A scorched black path leads to my salvation This way demands great deeds To mock fear and despair To put an end to my starvation "Danger glances like a sunshine to a brave man's etes" As honor is seductive to the shamed and shallow And fortune a stranger to the downcast, deafen by meger cry Danger is indeed for me, a graceful jubilation I carve and huner For a thunderous love A serpentine love for hate and glory With a vigilant eye, i observe the sky To guide me and my flock To relive and cure our ills An omen from above Our steps, led by a distant staff When time and place will come into eclipse- we will be as one