Spiritual Soul Sunset (Bishop Of Hexen)

What shall be my tower of light, in an endless night ? What remedy shall appease my blight ? (And) who shall come to my aid, and who shall stay to fight ? For the fight that lies on sight Is won within, within the heart... No legions, no masses Nor mob, or a knight Just a single soul needed Armed with passion of a love and the vigor of a child I have not the comfort of indulging in fantasies And as many reflections collide, clarity seems so dim I brook no mysticism, and no romantic inwards dream My fate now dust But shall form my epitaph My old flesh is dealt with scorn Yet, in another time, another place I am reborn Oh "truth", leave me be! Vanish, for only one moment For I am betrothed to thee And thy art my murderer and umpire Thou art my nemesis, yet part of me I truly believe that tomorrow brings destruction A part of me must die And another, the soar, the fly I truly believe, it's time to end the lie A part of me must die, and another to burm the sky But the death-sting shall pass over me A lifeless life will end, without a sigh No blood of mine shall stain the earth My cuts are unseen, a red thread entwined between The earthly and the courts are held up high Valor thy bark so week... Valor for you i seek Oh valor, you have caused me harm For now you are my only companion under the sun