Nemesis (Meden Agan)

What pain will it take? You may see no trace of wounds Acid the tears of remorse Our spirits soon will rise Dark skies were beating me down The moon comes from the depths See the candles of hate burning in my eyes Im dreaming my way from down below I feel the evil close Darkness be my guide I hear the voice of the stars Weave until the end of time I will hide the pain inside Punish me my god for all the sins i've done Clouds surround me Shadows behind me Hypnotize me Embracing the blackness Unleash the boiling chaos Once velled by mists of lies Chapters of rage hands of fate open the gates of doom Time and space collides end and beggining Unites I'm lying here Awake I dream this joyous scene Let my grey in a day to show The rain kept me on the storm I'm flying like the ahost in the sky The war is still before me