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Bicruciforms: The Eternal Return (Anomalous)

recurrence eternal a false beginning with a tricky ending it's all played out before the greatest error doomed to repetition invert this loop oscillating mirage dream conform to my new rebellious anarchic military state I can settle down in a vivarium if the cell wall are wide enough to let me spread my wings I submit to you sharia in the sky and maybe if you repeat a lie often enough it could set you free! bleeding knees plasma ticking and smoking imminent flesh-fueled bomb feels like I've been on my knees too long defined only by opposition what am I without my scapegoat on which I project my venomous rage? how may I exalt myself without the cloak of purity? all the pages buried within your vault will not shelter my eyes while you get under my skin assimilate and push that rock up the mountain again another revolution another curtain-parting puppet show reveal resentment there will always be no matter who tops the hierarchy blind man sees internally when there's no witness to the fall all the desecrations hidden in your vault will not burn out my eyes while she's executed in honor, martyr my skin is steel your nails won't break through for every stone lodged in the cross for every raped and plagiarized ascension it will die inside her jagged womb his papal occupation blind woman sees through janus eyes the one, the three dead before it's alive now it's time to get off of your knees the vault is open and her spirit has risen you're redeemed open your eyes don't swim upstream in the infant trinity's sea of lies reverse the tide reverse the lie set us free