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Cognitive Dissonance (Anomalous)

Father! Where have you gone? We need your eyes in times of filth Instill the shame, provide the blame Invoke the guilt Because the flesh takes on a life of its own I know that I can’t be left alone So be my hands, and be me eyes, and be my soul Hands fed to the churning gears of industry Devotion shifted, subverted Legions frothing at the mouth A populace now enslaved by the temporal Compassion cannot be bought Salvation cannot be achieved without suffering Absolution cannot be sold His message must be heard Christ thrown on the assembly line Mass production His message must be heard At the behest of His word Hypocrite! Whited Sepulcher! Liar! The blood on your hands is washed away by your divine lie Ravenous! Run through your lines to appease your huddled masses Ravenous wolf! Miscreant vermin! I know that you never had a soul From this point on, to watch you die will be my goal Counting the earnings stolen from the weak and broken The dissonance of manufactured faith left unspoken The struggle for utopian morality spawned dystopia Ravenous wolf! Pharisee!