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Demiurge (Anomalous)

Stare at my characters morphing from eye light reciprocal waves emitting from the demiurge shape-shifting forms coverage in our collaboration mother's divine misconception begat a surrogate corporeal state prosthetic arms strung out against canvas bathed in pudendal light the eye of sandwich board judgement the dawn of a phantasmagoric self-incepted lens sacred spindle give me life by the eye of collective melange before I shuffle of this voice coil will I connect my actuator nerve? seems we met before at your insistence or maybe fresh-clouded lens light? I know you bear the power if arm retraction hear me out and I might break through those eyes I need to reallocate my soul bits virus latch and live through you you're an extension of me after I reach cylinder zero and a hard error head crash or cause unknown neuron-actuator flesh drive magnetic pulse indexing your spine crystal lens through eyes you're informing me behold our conjoined creation I am your thought-relay transducer whose creating who? after the song fades I'll take you with me joined together in silence we've been the same the whole time just a projection of you curtains closed