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Panacea (Anomalous)

My cathedral surrounds me from my chorus of canyons to the hymns of my rolling blue hills but my head slipped into a steel trap severed the connection and put under the microscope landscapes on a platter, reduced to code lasso-tied, conquered, bound hard disk obelisk penetrating dirt mound embers drowned dust to dust ashes, ashes you don't define me bury me head-first into the ground absorb and plant my seed bury me alive plant the seed nourish me so I may sprout how advanced am I? not enough land for my mass graves how much progress have I made if I'm still alone and enslaved? pavement dreams haunt me as steel gives way to sand and sea my plastic rotating cage deteriorating and fueling a new all-consuming seascape lunar force colliding, breaking containers spill back into the source dust to dust ashes you're my only destiny