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Premateria (A Fire Birth) (Anomalous)

eye ex nihilo out of the alpha swirling nuclear density expanding, contracting, interpenetrating cell walls touch, but I need an opening thine infallible tessellation made flesh reaching out of the orange dawn fingertips beholden to a remote microbial sphere 26 orbs spiraling snaking around her wooly legs a wind blew, shaking the web and knocked a globe off course gyrated and submerged into amniotic oceans encircling her fertile core igneous ascends like an offspring prosimian wail igneous ascends like fire from the sky His good earth is born like venus crucified forged in his shape hands embracing flame diminutive puppet thumb reaches around a rib bone a slave of his own given the choice of subservience or destitution you cannot be me there was one and now there's three eclipsing the sky with a babbelling menagerie feeble hands reaching at immortality but the serpent-stung wrists bleed draining the venom for eternity you're my mistake and you'll always be beneath my divine grace