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Revelations (Anomalous)

Choke. End of an era. New age of desperation This fool, this victim of his own device Let open the gates of all the teeming demons yearning to be free Show me the place without greed and deceit and Ill show you A fantasy Can you feel our impermanence looming? In the clock of infinity we are so inconsequential A veritable breath. A passing glance, a blip The blink of an eye Your status and your precious things Your money and security Mean nothing when the walls are crumbling The earth will shake, the waves will break And in mounds well be rotting In the eyes of the nebulous we are so reprehensible Lets flush it away Consume it all until we eat ourselves Suffer! Its my only restitution. To watch the masses scramble To watch the process begin Depopulate. Reduction. A cleansing of the cancer Detoxification. Lets flush it away Choke Choking on the excess of your senseless human greed The broken backs you're burdening To maintain all your precious things Its unending slavery And I'll be happy to watch it all rot away Show me a place that is truly divine and Ill show you a place Without mankind Can you feel our impermanence looming?