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The Silent Mermaid (Lórien)

I am a mermaid in love with a man So I was punished, my tongue was cut off I can sing no more but I talk with tears Pain fills my heart drown in fear. I spend my time gazing at ships passing by Looking for my beloved among the crew I swim towards him 'till he looks at me Hoping he will guess my desire. If I only could sing I would have his heart In my hand. He would be caught In the spell Cast by my melody. (but) I'm a silent Mermaid I'm mute forevermore Even if I weep I wont be heard. I am eager to save from a wreck My dear sailor to be close to him In a tight embrace we will reach the shore I will not let him leave me alone. It's hard to remember how long I have been Waiting for my lucky day to come Though I have no voice My lips hope to kiss And my heart is filled