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You Let Me Down (Lórien)

Can I stop the wheel? Of my crazy time Living on a dream That makes me down Losing all the hope Walking the tide line Searching for some words In my silence You came as uninvited nightmare You killed beatifull scenes of my dream Stealing all what was mine While the mankind plays lying games All the innocence is leaving And my hope dies with you My time is at the end I wait for the perfect soul I dropped many tears for it Being the slave of my dreams One more night bearing the intruder Lost in my thought reading my mind Playing with me as a fool I'm bored of the meetings with The monster of my madness Too much time becames real I want to sing no more In this world so cold and blind Where the Wrong used to face the Right All this lets me down Only there is one way to save What we need to live Sitting next to the Truth and Wandering what we must do to change Our attitude Sitting by the side of life