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Cindy (rotten Tanx) (Thurston Moore)

peddle light - I see it's on I'm drivin by - in my fat mobile now I know - what it's like to be a germ - it's shot down deer oh buy again - it's buy again fun is me - yeah it never ends pick it up - and push it in rub it out - it's a soldier cinema goes down again Clint does not move an inch ESP will work it out open yr windows give a cindy shout - to me rock and roll - it's a shame that you did - all you did bored plain (?) seek it out - on the grass fun is me - it's Sashi fresh purple jack - purple crap look at me - and sip your sap pin up boy - pitty the hoar that rocks a bath - on a cold dish soon behave I wanna be not today but some time real soon lock me up in your bathroom come and shout and latch the backdoor - for me sipping wine - sipping lies to be sure - it's a worthy cause fun and games - running things (?) I can't stay - his share is hot hotter than hell - sets right style burnin rubber - on the A.M. dial with me up - another time and now I know - I'm blazed out soon behave I wanna be not today but some time real soon fox on the run foxxy light world roll another one and burn the light girl - for me