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Assault The Nature (Massemord)

Let the stars tremble and let the earth in convulsions Toss Let the decay-eaten foundation of the world open wide It's thighs For the seas, the forests, the mountains and the human Dreams Crash into heart of the earth Which not by lava but with hatred of one man was filled Within this womb a stench of abortion In this very moment, all fires of wars and cataclysms All spilled blood of every crime and human suffering All rapes of mothers, daughters, sisters and wives With resounding thunder of scream lasting for few Thousand years time Bow before me For to give you or not the alms of tomorrow With a single motion of my thumb I do not know myself neither I recognize my voice I listen to words I didn't mean to speak I see the motion, not the intention I see the blood not feeling the pulse Waking up to life stabbing out a cigarette upon my Genitals With claws through throat extorting my liver Disfiguring my face and shattering my flesh (For my own, silent, anonymous harm) I scare to open my sweat-flooded eyes To tear my hand off from my molten skin Hear a gust of fury And into her womb plunge a glowing crowbar Until that whore spit with sparks Once again in revenge I shall burn down her entrails I shall hurt, humiliate and disfigure her For the passionate kiss of pain would taste better than Ever I am yours I am yours with crime in my hands