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Even If The Fate Is About To Change (Massemord)

after taking away everything from myself i have lived through half of my life never abandoned and never forlorn yet within this hermitage i feel that this fate isn't my property and this place belonging to on-one just pretends hosting me is this the very moment when i close my eyes and see the darkness and not the abyss hanging above me suspended within me? now i see through i have never been arising but like a sack of meat i'm constantly nailed onto your enormous fang so that you could stare within me for too long so that you could take my life away like a women pregnant for 20 months languid i wonder around in my entrails carrying this huge sack which i'll bestow to my child so that earlier it could die or not lose time for conscious living his life i'll take hours away from him, and save him from useless days alive ones, which from now on shall be an eternal curse for my entire kind... (then through wrapped by black web eye i'll look at people unseen to me for so long whose gaze will speak to me the only language greedy for tasting another one tragedy) there is no turning back... to win means to lose everything