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Let The World End In Fire (Massemord)

To force you to believe, to make you a follower To degrade yourself, to eat your own shit Create the end that shall lead us further Than blood and bones could ever make Behold, a murderer so deep Never posing question how much pain you can give Not pure enough to breathe through blood By sperm to spawn not only a life Ignite Reach the core And do not spare mercy Destroy tomorrow submitting to lust That doomed your kind with first word spoken As future collapses the current day Only casualties are yet to be born We’ll breed some more Decline the enemy Restraining your will And guide a torch Through harm of the innocent men We will set the world afire Crushing all worth of contempt With swarm of locust spit in the air We sow a decay igniting the fuse That will set this world afire Crushing all worth of contempt Let the world burn! You will never understand Those who did are already hung We stand in the queue Instead of churches we claim To burn delivery wards