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Frozen Puck To The Head (Captain Tractor)

He played in the minors, he was a puck stop One day he drove into this truck stop When he saw her above the crowd and the din And his heart made a noise like a truck you forgot to plug in She saw him walk in and she thought he was cute With his hockey hair and his game day suit She handed him a menu and she smiled in the prettiest way And her lips wer as red as the jello in the window display She said please excuse me but do you mind if I ask Aren't you the face I've seen through the mask Their eyes met as she handed him the wonderbread Love hit him Love hit him Love hit him like a frozen puck to the head He was real quiet as he ate his meal Just listenin' to the radio play Rita McNeil All the while thinking about asking for a date Till he looked at the clock and saw he was gonna be late He left his heart in that greasy spoon He had no idea he'd fall in love in Saskatoon He laced up quick and took a whole lot of blame And he prayed to god he could keep his mind on the game One went off the pad One went off the skates One went in the top shelf he couldn't concentrate He didn't give a damn about the goal light flashin' red Let five goals in three minutes What could he do his heart wasn't in it They put in the backup, the boy got depressed He quit on the spot and went to get dressed He drove real fast right back to the diner Hoping he wasn't too late to find her Kitchen radio was tuned in to the game When he ran up beside her and looked at her tag for her name He said "hey Mabel my name's Dan I'm a lousy goalie but a real nice man And I just got a feeling that you and I were meant to be" She said "alright but I don't get off work until three" Well they got married I swear it's the truth The whole wedding party was missing a tooth He went back to hockey but he's a defenseman instead Like a frozen puck to the head Like a frozen puck to the head