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Here We Go Again (Captain Tractor)

I knew you were absurd but did you think you were the lord When you said that vengeance is mine Before you pushed me out without the slightest hint of doubt Into the path of the number nine So if it's on it's way on a sunny sunny day To the beach where we first met Oh how I wish I'd drown instead of being brought around In your arms in the first aid tent Here we go again (4x) In the ambulance that day as they were taking me away You looked into my eyes You said you were in love but that it struck you from above When you thought of my demise Is it me or is it you with the sense of Deja-vu as I brush with death again And it's really no surprise as the tears well in your eyes You're in love with me in pain Here we go again (4x) Well once upon a fateful day yes once upon a time In my little world I met a girl who said that she'd be mine How could I know that deep below her love was S&M And if I ever try to leave I'm dead Here we go again (x10)