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Ever Since The World Began (Shaw Tommy)

I'll never know what got me here As if somebody led my hand It seems I hardly had to steer My course was planned And destiny it guides us all By it's every rise and fall But only for a moment Time enough to catch our breath again And we're just another piece of the puzzle Just another part of the plan How one life touches the other Is so hard to understand So we'll walk this road together Try to go as far as we can And we have waited for this moment in time Ever since the world began Taken in the times gone by We wonder how it all began We'll never know and still we try to understand And even though the seasons change The reason shall remain the same It's love that keeps us holding on 'Til we can see the sun again So I'll stand alone The man of stone Against the driving rain And the night has got your number And the wind it cries your name So we'll search for clues Win or lose In this we're all the smae Where hope still burns eternal We're the keepers of the flame