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Kiss Me Hello (Shaw Tommy)

If you had things to do over Would you do them just the same Would you maybe see yourself As just a player in the game And if hindsight's twenty-twenty Would it help you see at all Would you never try the mountain Are you too afraid you'd fall And what would you do for the money What would you do for fun Would you leave yourself defenseless Would you get yourself a gun Ooh kiss me hello Outside it's pouring and there's No use in ignoring That I've stayed too long My hands are shaking But I can't control my feet They're making tracks for the door Do you think you'd try the back roads Maybe one's less clearly marked Would you make love in the daylight Would you come out of the dark Would you hold your thoughts in silence Would you free them with a shout Would you demonstrate your patience While your destiny's dealt out Ooh kiss me hello No more complaining No refraining from the way I really wanted to go Wish me good luck Kiss me hello I'm here to stay I only needed to know Kiss me hello