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Lonely School (Shaw Tommy)

I drove past where we used to live You might have caught a glimpse of me As I passed by I swear it's still hard to believe But at the time it seemed so clear to me I thought I had it all worded out I packed all that was dear to me And I left without a doubt that I'd Given it all I had to give Still nothing moved nothing changed Nothing lived I did everything that I could do But now I've had time to sort it out To graduate from lonely school And now I've got to let you know It's me who was the fool [Chorus] It was me baby I was wrong But how can I say it You must have known it all along It was you who was always strong And I've got to tell you now I've got to show you how I've Changed so many of my ways I left the band, steadied my hand and learned a trade And I'm coming back this time to stay And you won't recognize the boy Who graduated lonely school 'Cause I've become quite wise about Who was or not the fool [Chorus]