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Remo's Theme (what If) (Shaw Tommy)

There's a message I'm receiving And it's coming in clear But it's not the one that I need to hear So if seeing is believing You better take another look Because I'm half-way gone And I'm hardly here What if what if you find you made a mistake What if what if it's worth the chance That your'e taking I would never want to see you standing In the line of fire You're the one who has to come to grips With your own desires Do you hear what I'm saying Am I even getting through Are you so far gone I can't talk to you I could tell you what you want to hear But is it really what you need Now it's time to stand On your own two feet Get a hold on yourself now Of your heart and your soul You've got to make a few decisions You've got to get some self-control And you're the only one who can decide