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The Great Divide (Shaw Tommy)

Believe in that our love was over We climbed to the attic to fight ... of my favorite positions So they wouldn't be left behind But there in a dust covered jew box A bundle of old letter lie Wrapped in that old faded ribbon Like a message across the great divide Those letters from grandpa to grandma Have written with love through the years ... like the words from a love song As we read them together in tears Last one said I've always loved you And don't ever feel sad or cry Cause if I cross over before you I'll be waiting across the great divide Oh, love has a life of it's own To love, love, love has a life of it's own We knew when we finished those letters No one will be saying goodbye The sinners forgived up forever When those letters crossed the great divide Oh, love has a life of it's own Love, love, love is a life like those letters Across the great divide.